Ed (left), Helen (middle), Andy (right).

The Cyber|Show is a devastating new force to be reckoned with on the technology media scene.

Like Click, but with the safety catch taken off - Bang!

Three real hackers, diverse in their world views and politics unite in a passionate, deeply critical quest to understand our technological society.

Your Hosts

Helen Plews IRL Helen Plews
Helen Plews
Author, researcher, journalist, performing artist

> MSc Cyber Security Engineering, BA Creative & Performing Arts (Hons)
> IT support engineer in the creative industry (security speciality)
> Vendor Malware Expert

Featured link:
Is Vendor Malware Present in Solid State Storage Devices Available Through E-commerce? - solent.ac.uk

Andy Farnell IRL Andy Farnell
Andy Farnell
Computer scientist, professor, writer, hacker, philosopher

> Inventor of Procedural Audio
> Author of Designing Sound, Digital Vegan & other challenging works.
> Currently writing 'Ethics for Hackers'

Featured link:
How a school exchange with my daughter led me to question the role of universities - timeshighereducation.com

Edward Nevard IRL Ed Nevard
Ed Nevard
Engineer, developer, hacker, tinkerer, writer, pessimist

> MSc Cyber Security, BSc (Hons) Computer Systems & Networks Engineering, OND IT
> Manager @ This is an IT Support Group
> Currently writing Cyber Self-defence Handbook

Featured link:
How reCAPTCHA tracks you - the dark side of reCAPTCHA - blog.edned.net


The show is "multi-media" and so is produced in audio format as a radio/podcast, a blog with written content, a TV chat-show/vlog, and as a live stage event that invites audience participation and questions.


A central tag-line is "Cybersecurity for everyone".
We promote ideas in 'Civic Cyber Security', 'Digital Self-Defence' and 'Digital Rights'. Amongst our perennial themes are:

  • Protection of Children Online
  • Dependency and Addiction
  • Privacy and Digital Dignity
  • Civic Resilience
  • Technology in Education
  • Snooping CCTV & Surveillance State
  • Women in Tech
  • Workplace Conditions
  • Tech in Entertainments
  • Tech and the Environment
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence

The Cybershow values digital literacy and common rights. We support full digital choice and civic participation within the technological society through free open source software and intelligence for all citizens. We champion womens' and minority rights in tech, and oppose digital privilege, division and inequity in the age of Big Tech and 'surveillance capitalism'.

We value education, so try to make very complex ideas accessible to a wide audience, to provoke thoughtful and challenging reactions while avoiding doom and pessimism.

We value humane technology, intelligence amplification "IA" in place of artificial intelligence "AI", and peaceful innovation that empowers the varied and many, not just the incumbent few.


In the pipeline are "In the Chair" interviews with prominent tech thinkers, analysis of parliamentary political bills, a "parents and kids" series that gives voice to the family, a "Cyber-Nanas" feature for issues affecting older generations, "Cybershow on the go" episodes which combine travel and health with technology talk, and deeper academic/philosophical shows that delve into computer science papers and hacker culture.


The show boasts a staggering diversity and density of talent with a team of writer-presenters who are not only practising hackers, teachers and cyber security experts, but come from earlier careers in media and entertainments.
Within the line up are a RAP and Sony award winning producer for BBC Radio 1 and the Bristol hip-hop scene, and front-woman of one of the most successful British tribute bands, who's toured playing hundreds of packed gigs around Europe. All of the team, are equally at home on stage, in the studio, behind the camera, mixing-desk, microphone, writing code or hacking in the server room.


We are from the South of England, in the counties of Dorset and Hampshire. We and our families live, work and play in the cities around Southampton, Winchester, Bournemouth and Salisbury.
We like to get out, so many of our shows are filmed against the beaches and forests of this most beautiful part of the world.